Revue FH

《Revue FH》是本聯會每兩星期出版一次的資訊性鐘表業雜志。當中載有有關瑞士鐘表工業聯合會的工作及活動的文章、品牌及新產品的最新資訊,以及有關鐘表業的不同專題文章。所有文章均以法文及英文刊登。

In the 16/2019 edition of 14.11.2019:

Swiss-China: watchmaking working group in Biel/Bienne

It was at the FH that the working group set up by the Swiss-China Free Trade Agreement held its fifth meeting on October 22nd. The protection of intellectual property rights and the fight against counterfeiting were the main topics of discussion.

SwissKubik: the must-have 100% Swiss made accessory

Headed by a new team since 2017, the Fribourg-based Maison welcomed us and offered us an opportunity to take a backstage look at its watch winders, from single cubes to multiple versions, as well as personalised iterations. SwissKubik's many customers thus have a wide range of options.

The ultimate in fine workmanship according to Greubel Forsey

The house unveils a 95% hand-crafted timepiece, the fruit of a technical and human odyssey involving 6,000 hours of work. This quintessence of fine workmanship revives ancestral know-how while raising it to truly extreme levels of rigorous standards and precision.